Pepe Soho was born in Mexico City and from an early age displayed artistic sensitivity and a very active mind. He is a graduate of New York’s International Center of Photography and is currently recognized as one of the most important contemporary photographers in Mexico.

His artistic career began in the music field, managing to play on stage as a drummer in important venues in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

After doing a 180 degree turn but remaining true to his artistic ability, Pepe left his imprint in the world of design by creating the SOHO clothing brand, considered a fashion icon for two decades.

As an entrepreneur, he ventured into the entertainment industry by setting up the renowned LOVE club.

The physical and emotional attrition of his professional path prompted him to travel to India in search of the peace that he felt he had lost. During this trip he suffered a severe accident when he fell from a horse. This incident marked the beginning of a dark stage in his life, yet also the starting point of a brilliant career as a photographer, since it was at such stage that he grabbed a camera for the first time.

A few years later, Pepe Soho wins the gold medal at the 2017 World Photographic Cup (WPC) in Yokohama, with his picture “Believe”. Twenty six countries from four different continents took part in said contest, positioning the WPC as the most important photography competition in the world.

In April of the same year, the Museum “José Luis Cuevas” opened its doors to the work of the Mexican photographer, to display his exhibition “Believe”, breaking the venue’s attendance record.

Pepe Soho has traveled with his camera throughout a vast part of the world, photographing more than twenty countries in four continents.

Not wanting to brush aside the natural wonders of our homeland, Pepe has focused his career on touring Mexico to show the richness of the land through his pictures.

Nowadays, Pepe Soho is a reference point in nature photography in Mexico, and his large-format pieces have caused a great impact on the viewer, giving the impression of being present in the captured landscapes.

Among the highlights of his collection are photographs of horses, an animal that he has a deep respect for, by virtue of it being the main character that changed his life.

For Mr. Soho, photography is a spiritual activity that demands patience; it is the fusion between weather and time that will produce a unique and unrepeatable fragment: the perfect picture.

In addition to sharing his impressive pictures, Pepe Soho has managed to establish a close relationship with his followers, transmitting his own experience through his social media accounts in order to contribute a positive message.

The work of the Mexican artist has been displayed in several cultural sites; the exhibition “VIDA” (“LIFE”), mounted at the Open Gallery of Chapultepec and attended by nearly four hundred thousand visitors in 2018, is an absolute highlight.

Pepe Soho’s works have been acquired for collections in Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, England, the United States, Canada, among many other countries. Presently, his vision is to convey the beauty of the Mexican landscape to the rest of the world.



The work of the Mexican artist has been displayed in several cultural sites, a definite standout being the exhibition “Believe”, held in 2017 at the José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City.

I am 46 years old. I found photography at 40. At 45 I won the World Cup with this image. Never let anyone, not even yourself, tell you that you are too old to discover what you love! I named it ‘Believe’ because although the stairway lies miles away from the mountain, in the picture’s perspective, as in life, everything is relative. I think that if you believe in what you do, even the farthest mountain is attainable.


His picture “Zen”, taken in Mozambique, won fourth place in the Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) category at the 2016 World Photographic Cup.

“I walked by this stump on a Mozambique beach, on a daily basis for a week. Resigned to not finding a good landscape, I settled in front of the stump with my camera and my tripod and I spoke to it: ‘You are not this grand stump, nor I am the big-time photographer, but I am sure that we can do something special together’. Thus, as if by magic, the tide began to rise, surrounded the stump, and reflected a perfect evening. It definitely showed off. Zen won 4th place at the 2016 World Photography Cup”.



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